Chinese for Specific Purposes (CSP)

  • Designed for learners of Mandarin Chinese to use language as a vehicle to communicate and accomplish daily tasks using Chinese.

  • Open to any level of Mandarin Chinese

  • Themes: Social Conversations, Resume and Job Hunting, Professions, and Survival Skills 

  • Asynchronous culture classes

Ai Lan Lin, 林埃蘭 老師

Hi, my name is Ai Lan Lin, and you can call me “lin laoshi”, as this is the most common way for students to address their teacher. This is my 19th year in the United States. When I first came here, my first teaching job was to teach English to international students. When the opportunity came around, I became a certified Chinese teacher. I have been teaching Mandarin Chinese to various age groups of learners: kindergarten to adult learners. My current job is a Chinese teacher at a local public high school. My own learning experiences of English has made me reevaluate my own Mandarin Chinese teaching often because I want what is best for my students, and that is my one and only goal. Let’s make this happen! We will work together as a team. We will, then, succeed together, as a team! Join us!